StreakCred Rules

How to play

  1. Build a streak by picking winners of hockey games.
  2. Pick any team to win, in any game, on any given day during the preseason.
  3. Win 2 in a row or more and you are streaking (that's good).
  4. Build the longest win streak you can (also good).
  5. Make a losing pick and your streak ends. Start again! Go to Step 1.
  6. Prizes are awarded to the longest win streaks with the tie breaker being the most games correctly picked.

Simple Right?!

How a Streak is Determined:

  1. A Streak is a series of consecutive correct picks. If you make a wrong pick, your streak resets to 0.
  2. Game order matters and cannot be changed. You must correctly select winners in the order of games presented.
  3. You may choose to participate in any number of games you want. If you have doubts about a game's winner, skip it!
  4. You may pick games 7 days in advance. Once the game starts, your pick will be locked-in.

Other Game Rules:

  1. It's on you to decide when you are making your selections.
  2. Once you submit your selections, you can change or remove your picks before the game's start time.
  3. We will contact prize winners by email and ask for your mailing address.
  4. Prizes will be sent within 4 weeks (following the end of the 2013 NHL pre-season) by mail.
  5. You must be 18 years or older to enter.
  6. In the unlikely event of a tie in correct games guessed, the number of total games correctly selected shall be the tie-breaker. Should a tie still exist, the proportion of correct picks divided by total games selected shall be the tie breaker (winning percentage). In the unlikely event there is still a tie, draft admiral Wanye Von Gretz will randomly decide a winner. He will not be second-guessed.
  7. You must agree to our terms of service, privacy, and Streak Cred rules to play.
  8. Prizes are not transferrable to cash.

Supporting Local Charities:

StreakCred is proud to donate proceeds to The Edmonton Inner City Children's Program. The ICCP is a registered non-profit charitable organization (Charitable Registration Number 88419 2824 RR0001). Since 1995, ICCP has been providing quality recreational and educational programming to children and youth in the McCauley/Boyle Street community.

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